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Meet Our Planter-In-Training

Big news! The Local Church has a shiny new ministry intern for the current academic year! Meet Stephan Margeson, our Planter-In-Training. Stephan is currently a third-year student at Duke Divinity School and is discerning whether God might be calling him to plant a church sometime in the future. He’ll be around from now until April as part of the community to teach us and learn from us, help shape the future of our worship life together, and assist with the all-important “other duties as assigned.”

Stephan is from Alabama, is married to Sierra, and they just welcomed a little one, Gemma, into the world. Here’s more from Stephan, in his own words.


Hey! My name is Stephan Margeson, an intern from Duke Divinity School. I'm in my third and final year at Duke, but this end only means the beginning of my journey in ministry. The past few years have been filled with affirmation and influence toward being a pastor in The United Methodist Church. Right now that calling is leaning towards church planting!

I'm originally from Wesanland, Maine and moved south for most of my formative years. Most recently my wife, Sierra, and I are from Alabama (but we much prefer War Eagle over Roll Tide). Our lives usually revolve around our fur babies, but our newest roommate has proved the most demanding. On Friday, September 21, we welcomed our first child into the world, Gemma Meyers. She is a beautiful, precious gift perfectly made by our loving Creator.

I'm greatly looking forward to this journey with The Local Church. I most often love where I am by learning the history of the area. I find that most rewarding when I meet with someone over a local meal or beer. I'm so excited to see the ways that The Local Church loves where they are and learn ways to love more.


Want to take Stephan up on that invitation for a local meal or beer? Or just say hello? You can email him here.

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