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That Barbara Brown Taylor Quote About Mending

At our current Local Table series, we’re talking about words. Recently, we spent time savoring the word, SALVATION. At the end of each Table that week, we heard a quotation from Episcopal priest and theologian and professor and author Barbara Brown Taylor from her book, Speaking of Sin: The Lost Language of Salvation. Here’s the quotation:


By the grace of God, I am being mended, and God has called me to he a mender too. Since many threads are stronger than one, God has put me on a sewing team. Day by day, our job is to hunt the places where the world is ripped and bend over the damage to do what we can. Every good deed, every kind word, every act of justice and compassion tugs the torn edges closer together. The truer our aim, the smaller our stitches and the longer the patch will hold. We made plenty of the rips ourselves, and some of the worst ones show evidence of having been mended many times before, but that does not seem to discourage anyone. Mending is how we continue to be mended, and we would not trade the work for anything.

Brent LevyComment