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If you're feeling lonely, you're not alone.

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It’s been one of those can’t-keep-my-head-above-water, will-probably-never-catch-up, always-behind, to-do-list-keeps-getting-longer kind of weeks. I wasn’t sure I’d get this email out before tonight. I had a conversation with a friend yesterday about how busy this season is. There’s a sense, I think, that summer’s coming, so we need to cram as much in as possible right now. There’s no sign of slowing down. Maybe you can relate.

And yet, I ran across this article yesterday that didslow me down. It stopped me in my tracks in fact. It’s an article about how truly lonely we’ve become as a people, and the stats are staggering. The health insurance company, Cigna, surveyed 20,000 adults in the United States. This is what they found:

More than half of survey respondents — 54 percent — said they always or sometimes feel that no one knows them well. Fifty-six percent reported they sometimes or always felt like the people around them "are not necessarily withthem." And 2 in 5 felt like "they lack companionship," that their "relationships aren't meaningful" and that they "are isolated from others."

In short, the survey found that half of all Americans feel lonely. I know I've been there. Ironically, I'm glad to know I'm not alone. Here’s the full article.

This is why Local Tables matter... because we were not created to be alone. We were created for community. Around a table, we realize we’re not and never have been alone. We discover that as we draw closer to one another, we draw closer to the heart of God. In a world fraught with division, isolation, and loneliness, the simple act of gathering together to listen, learn, love, and serve can save our lives and change the world.

So be bold, take a risk, and join us tonight at 6 pm at the Briar Clubhouse in Briar Chapel for our next Local Table. We’ll share a meal, have some casual conversation, and explore the idea of living life on the edge. It may not blow you away, but there's a good chance you’ll find the beginnings of companionship, spark meaningful relationships, and discover that you’re not alone. As always, all are welcome… and everyone means everyone. (RSVP via FacebookMeetup RSVP)


We are looking to expand our Local Table offerings for the summer and fall. If you even have the slightest interest in opening your home twice each month for these gatherings or want to learn more about what's entailed, simply reply to this email and let me know. Fine print: You get to pick the day/time that works best for you and your family, and it’s not a permanent commitment. We're in particular need of a home in North Chatham (Briar Chapel area) for the summer. Give it some thought, some silence, and some prayer. If you think this is you, hit reply and let's set up a time to get together. The coffee's on me. Curious? More details here.


Good things take time, and we've got some really cool things on the horizon — like a podcast, a virtual bible study, and a lot more. I'm always willing to grab a cup of coffee and share about our God-sized dreams, our future plans, and how this whole Local Church thing came to be. But more than that, I'd love to know you more and discover how your gifts and passions might enrich the life of this movement. So can we get together? Just click here, and I'll be in touch to set up a time.

I hope to see you tonight, y'all, because we're better together. If you don't already follow us on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram, do it! And if there's someone you know who needs to know they're not alone, forward this email to them.

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