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A Soundtrack for Lent: Week 5

Here’s the fifth offering in Alli’s “A Soundtrack for Lent” series — one song each week that informs and enriches our Lenten pilgrimages. Some weeks, the songs and hymns will connect directly with our Local Table conversations. Other weeks, they’ll simply invite inspiration and introspection. Below the video, Alli reflects on why she chose “I Need Love” by Enter the Worship Circle for Week 5.


For this fifth selection for the soundtrack for Lent, I’ve chosen “I Need Love” from Enter the Worship Circle. This song is based on Psalm 24:7 - Lift up your heads, O gates, and be lifted up, O ancient doors, that the King of Glory may come in!

Psalm 24:8 calls the King of Glory “strong and mighty in battle.” I don’t think this is a battle fought with swords and shields, but I’ve been thinking about this battle that occurs when we separate ourselves from one another out of fear, when hatred and persecution push us against each other and away from the Lord. Psalm 24 tells us that the Lord is ready and will conquer our world, not as an earthly king, but will conquer each and every one of our hearts. Jesus came to conquer life and death for love, and so that we may dwell in the House of God forever.

Jesus, our King, invites us all into the Kingdom of Heaven and fills us with God’s love. All means ALL, y’all. Not just what we might think would be obvious choices, but sinners and saints alike. The Kingdom of Heaven is for widows and orphans, for the broken, and for those in need of love. 

We know we are broken, but in Christ Jesus we are made whole. Jesus came and died for us so that we may live. Is that not a reason to sing? Is that not a reason to bang our drums? Open up the gates of our hearts, let the King of Glory in, so that God may fill are hearts with love!

Brent LevyComment