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A Soundtrack for Lent: Week 4

Here’s the fourth offering in Alli’s “A Soundtrack for Lent” series — one song each week that informs and enriches our Lenten pilgrimages. Some weeks, the songs and hymns will connect directly with our Local Table conversations. Other weeks, they’ll simply invite inspiration and introspection. Below the video, Alli reflects on why she chose “Come and Tear Down the Walls” by Noise Village (feat. Jenny Wahlström) for Week 4. (And shoutout to Katie Barnett who sang with her this week!)


How easy it is to put up walls! How easy it is to let fear — of the unknown, of getting hurt, of judgment — take control and allow us to close ourselves off. How challenging it can be to allow ourselves to be vulnerable enough let others in, to let God in.

What would happen if instead of closing ourselves off, though, we invited people in? What happens when these walls come down? Are we not called to go out and feed the hungry, to welcome the stranger, to visit the sick and imprisoned? God calls us to love our neighbors, and this cannot happen behind closed doors, behind walls. The love of God is “like no other;” just imagine what would happen if we let that love break down barriers, work in and through us, and create connection and community. How beautiful that would be.

Brent LevyComment