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Meet A Local: Sara Tiegreen


Each month as part of our Everybody In initiative, we’ll introduce you to someone from the community who has said, “I’m in!” They’ll share a bit of their story and how The Local Church helps them connect with God and one another, adds meaning to their life, and equips them to “love where they are.”


Who are you, Sara?

Sara with her husband Josh

Sara with her husband Josh

I was born in Tyler, TX, moved to Southern Illinois (maternal side of family are farmers) at age 9, and have been traveling for education and new experiences ever since (Greenville, SC; Philadelphia, PA; Tulsa, OK; Durham, NC). I met my husband, Josh, in graduate school, and we came to the Triangle in 2008 for our internship year in clinical psychology. We have two kiddos — Fiona (age 9) and Simon (almost 6). I commute for work several days a week, so I enjoy listening to podcasts in the car, and I love to be outside in nature as much as possible. I became an avid fan of yoga 2+ years ago, and if you’ve met my husband you might notice that I appreciate a good sense of humor and seek laughter on a regular basis.

What brought you to Chatham County?

We decided to move back to the Midwest from our home in Durham in 2012. Josh is a KU Jayhawk and has family in the Kansas City area. After two years land-locked with less than ideal weather, we were ready to head back to the Triangle and declare North Carolina our forever home. We landed in the Briar Chapel neighborhood in June 2015 and love having the best of all worlds — small town local living in Pittsboro, college town of Chapel Hill, urban fun in Durham, etc.

What do you love about this community?

We still use all of the Triangle due to commuting to work in all directions, but we appreciate the mix of rural simplicity and community progress as we head toward home each day. The natural beauty all around us is breathtaking, and the opportunities for building fresh community in local establishments are refreshing. Our daughter takes theater classes at the Pittsboro Youth Theater, and our son just started martial arts classes at ATA Martial Arts. The fact that the activities are less competitive and more focused on the learning and exploring process feels different from similar settings in more metropolitan areas. Plus there are farms with fresh produce and animals to enjoy just around the corner! You can’t beat the unique mixture of urban amenities, small town connections, and natural beauty/harvest.

What is your favorite spot in Pittsboro?

This is a tough question. We are foodies, so deep in the heart of Pittsboro I really like Small B&B Café and the newer Postal Fish Company. Our kids would say they love the public library, and as a family, we enjoy Fearrington Village for a stroll and a bite to eat, especially when The Roost is open for pizza, music, and beer. McIntyre Books is the sweetest little bookstore that I wish I could live in on rainy afternoons.

How does The Local Church help you Love Where You Are?

It is less about location for me, and more about creating community and appreciating the community right in front of you. Wherever you are is a special place (and I’m biased to say we have an extra special place by being in North Carolina, the Triangle, and in the crosshairs of Pittsboro and surrounding towns in particular). We have so many “transplants” and locals in this physical location; it is a beautiful blend of cultural opportunity and The Local Church celebrates it all and reminds me to keep love as the central tenet in all that we share and do.

How has The Local Church added value to your life?

The Local Church has brought new friendships, open and thought-provoking discussions, and a sense of community to our family’s front door. Literally, we took a leap of faith and hosted some of the first Local Tables, and it was an investment that enriched our family with lessons in acceptance and trust in the “showing up” and “loving your neighbor” values that we want to prioritize as a family. It was harder for us to trust that we were “good enough” hosts than it was to open our home to potential “strangers.” The rest is magical history and culminated in our children’s baptisms in our kitchen, with great new “family-friends.”

What makes The Local Church community unique?

The Local Church has been a gathering of reliably meaningful interactions without a rule book or preconceived assumptions. It is a diverse community who strives for more diversity that meets me and others where we are in life without asking that I or anyone else be anything other than our genuine, authentic selves. It is a place for exploring theology and faith, questioning past learning as part of the spiritual journey, and developing community for sharing life’s highs and lows.

Last question. How do you feel about raisins?

Not a fan… unless we consider wine to be “raisins”. 😉

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