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Calling All Musicians!

a note from our worship leader, Alli Burks



The Local Church is preparing for weekly worship services, and it is so fun to dream about what this will be like! One of the aspects of worship that I am most looking forward to (aside from Brent’s incredible and inspiring sermons of course!) is the music. How powerful it can be when we can all join our voices in song and praise! I have seen music break down language and cultural barriers and bring people together in some of the best and toughest of times. I am so looking forward to getting to grow closer to each other and closer in Christ in this way.

We are in search of locals who share this passion for music to join together in leading our congregation each week in song. We are looking for anyone who plays an instrument, be it guitar, drums, flute, voice, spoons, etc., etc. and feels called to offer these gifts to this church and this community by being a part of our music team.

We are not searching for perfection; we care less about experience and more about authenticity and a willingness to learn, grow, and share musical offerings each week in worship. We are seeking those with open and creative hearts and minds who are eager to make a joyful noise!

As for style, shape, sound, etc. of this music team... that is to be determined and to be decided together. As a team we will commit to times of practice, times of prayer, and times of reflection as we serve God, serve each other, and serve our community.

So I want to know: Are you interested in being a part of this team? What is your instrument of choice? Are you open to sharing your musical gifts in this way? If you want to know more about what it might be like to join this team, I would love to hear from you and meet with you. Fill out the form below.

If you think you might be interested (or know someone else that is) and want to fiddle around with us (p.s. looking for a fiddle!), stay ~tuned~ for details on an upcoming casual jam session and gathering of musical folk! Starting this summer I hope to begin holding practices and building a repertoire of our favorite hymns and worship songs.

Email me, find me on Facebook, give me a call, play me a song! I want to hear from you!

Feeling hopeful about all the possibilities,

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