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How did this happeN?

In the fall of 2016, Christ United Methodist Church in Chapel Hill was presented with an opportunity to grow into Chatham County. After much prayer and discernment and with the support of the Church Council, the North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church, and the Office of New Faith Communities, Christ Church responded with a resounding yes to the opportunity, trusting in the Holy Spirit to lead the way. Brent Levy was appointed as pastor, and in July 2017, he began forming a team to go about the sacred work of praying, dreaming, and discerning this new thing into existence.


The short answer: Right now. The longer answer: We're doing something different — a bit unique among churches who are just starting out. We're not beginning with weekly worship; rather, we're starting with small(ish) groups of people (we call them Local Tables) who gather on a regular basis to share a meal, talk about good stuff, journey together, and then serve the community in some way. This is how the movement of Jesus began generations ago, and this is how we believe that movement continues best in our context here and now. Interested in weekly worship? Our Sunday morning gatherings will begin on September 15, 2019 at House of Hops in Pittsboro.


The short answer: Wherever you are. The longer answer: See the short answer. Just kidding... mostly. For now, we are currently gathering in homes and community spaces. (Because what's more local than that?) We believe that in the church, God goes local. That's what the church is — a community of people committed to carrying the good news of God with them wherever they go, being the hands and feet of Jesus wherever they find themselves, and discerning the presence of the Spirit even in places the Spirit may not initially seem to be. It cannot be contained in one building or a single place. By the grace of God, this movement goes where you take it. But if you're asking about a physical space, read on...

where will you worship?

Weekly worship for The Local Church will begin Sunday, September 15, 2019 at House of Hops in Pittsboro. Eventually, we hope to have a physical presence in Mosaic at Chatham Park. The best way to stay up-to-date is to subscribe to our email list or connect on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram.


Absolutely. Children are a gift from God, and they have much to teach us about the love of God and what it means to follow Jesus. From Local Tables to weekly worship, children are always welcome — well, with one caveat… 

While we seek to be as inclusive as possible, there may be some mission opportunities that require adults only. (For example, children are not allowed at Habitat for Humanity builds for liability reasons.) In those cases, we will make a special note of it and do our best to find alternative opportunities for children to participate.


We love questions. If you have a question we didn’t answer, send us an email or connect with us here. We promise to respond, and your question just might end up on this page.