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There's a story in Luke's gospel about a tax collector named Zacchaeus who hears that Jesus is passing through his town of Jericho. The story goes that Zacchaeus wants to see Jesus as he walks by, but he's not too tall and the crowd is too big. So the resourceful Zac climbs a tree to get a better view. As Jesus passes by, he stops, looks up at the tree, sees Zacchaeus there, and basically says, "Hey Zac. Come on down. I'm coming to your house."

How terrifying must that have been? Because it's not a neighbor. It's not an old friend. This is the Savior of the World who just invited himself over, and Zacchaeus had zero time to prepare.

But Zac does it anyway. He climbs down and welcomes Jesus into his home. And when Jesus arrives, everything changes. (You can read the full story here.)

“Jesus and Zacchaeus” by Soichi Watanabe

“Jesus and Zacchaeus” by Soichi Watanabe

let's be real

If someone had asked Zacchaeus if he was ready to open his home to Jesus, chances are good he would have said no. There are all kinds of reasons it sounds like a terrible idea.

There's too much to do.
Who has time for that?
I go to bed early.
It would disrupt my routine.
The bathroom is a disaster.

And yet, when Jesus comes to Zacchaeus, this tax collector of short stature finds his life transformed. Everything is different fe— because he took a risk and said, "Yes."

We get it. It's uncomfortable to welcome people into your home — especially when some of them will be friends and others will be strangers (who will quickly become your friends!) But Jesus calls us to take risks, and we seek to be a community that embraces the awkward. The journey of following Jesus is filled with messiness and uncertainty, and it's in those places of greatest discomfort that we experience the most transformation. 


Without a place to gather, there can be no Local Tables 😭. So we need you! Would you consider opening your home for a Local Table? Here's the fine print:

  • As a host, we're inviting you to open your home twice a month on a given night of the week. (You get to pick what works best for you and your family.)

  • We'll provide the food and the childcare. You provide the house rules and the space.

  • We'll take care of the content. Hosting doesn't mean you're leading conversation or praying in public (though you would be welcome to!) All it means is that you've offered your home as a place to gather. It's as simple and stress-free as that.

  • We won't leave until everything is back to normal and it looks like we were never there.

  • In an ideal world, you'd agree to open your home twice a month for a few months, but we are happy to make it work however we can. If you need a shorter commitment or need to take a week or two off, of if you want to share the load, that's totally fine. We're just grateful you've said yes.

If you want more information, have additional questions, or are interested in hosting, email Brent at or fill out the form below.

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